Founded in 2014, British Detail captures modern British Design in handmade bespoke pieces all designed and produced within the UK.

Our vision is simple: There are many talented craftsmen and woman on our doorstep, and yet we heavily import mass-produced goods on a huge scale... British Detail strives to connect you to these forgotten makers.

We work closely with these makers to understand their artistry, always looking at new ways to apply age-old techniques. In this way, beautiful modern design can be turned into unique, characterful products.

The constant search for new crafts and techniques was born from our lead designers family background in handmade, beautifully crafted product. From potters and painters to master wood crafts and cabinet making. 

Each piece is carefully assembled by hand. Each a truly unique one off product. We pride ourselves on our quality control and authenticity, as well as always going the extra mile for our customers.

Our range is always moving forward, so keep your eyes peeled for new creations! We also take on a variety of different bespoke projects, so please do get in touch if you have any ideas or queries.